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Built-in toilet cistern - Oli Oli74 Plus

Codice OL0601601.
Cassetta wc ad incasso Oli74 OL0601601
Cassetta wc ad incasso Oli74 OL0601601
Cassetta wc ad incasso Oli74 OL0601601

Built-in toilet cistern - Oli Oli74 Plus

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74 Plus Oils

Oli74 Plus is ideal for floor sanitary fixtures and all types of installation (masonry walls, plasterboard, lightweight walls). It is supplied with an Azor Plus ecological float, which allows you to save 0.5L of water with each flush thanks to delayed loading (9L savings per day).


OLI-Sistemas Sanitários S.A. is the largest manufacturer of waste systems in Southern Europe and owns OLI, a global brand of bathroom solutions present in over 80 countries on five continents. Over the years, OLI has created products that have, on a global scale, changed the daily experience of living in the bathroom environment. The toilet has become more efficient and ecological, comfortable and accessible. Using patented technology and high-quality manufacturing standards, OLI is recognized for constantly studying new and improved solutions that increase water efficiency and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Committed to sustainable development, the brand develops versatile solutions with contemporary design for applications in new construction, renovation and redevelopment projects. OLI believes in a low-energy, comfortable, accessible and safe bathroom for everyone. OLI will continue to be inspired by innovation.

Technical characteristics

  • Double flush with the possibility of saving water by 50%
  • Cassette body in PP (Polypropylene) very resistant to mechanical stress and unbreakable at room temperature 
  • Thickness reduced to 80 mm
  • Easy installation
  • Simple accessibility for any maintenance
  • Easy adjustment of the discharge volume (quick adjustment system)
  • Polystyrene coating to avoid condensation due to the thermal excursion between water and ambient temperatures
  • Covering mesh that allows better grip of the cement during the masonry phase
  • PP waste pipe covered in expanded polystyrene to reduce noise during operation and facilitate installation
  • Silent AZOR PLUS float, allows you to save 0.5L of water with each flush thanks to the delayed loading system
  • Certified in compliance with the NF standard, noise class I category
  • Cassette certified according to KIWA/SABS/SAI/WRAS/WSD regulations 
  • Class "A" energy efficiency for water saving according to the ANQIP body requests
  • CE marking EN14055
  • 2 rinse volumes: adjustable from 3 liters for partial flushing and 4.5/6/7 for total flushing
  • Network pressure from 0.2 to 16 bar 
  • Resistant to atmospheric humidity (Hr <90%).


  • G ½ stop cock
  • Wall fixing kit
  • Protection fund
  • Hole protection sponge
  • Rinse hose
  • Sleeve with clamp d.45 L.180


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