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1. Premise

Via Fraiteve 2/1
16147 Sestriere TO
P.IVA 02320600998
tel. 340 - 0511740
tel. 347 - 6800834
e-mail: assistenza@abitare.com

ABITARE keepeth the law on distance selling (Legislative Decree of 22 May 1999. 185), which provides precise duties for both the seller as for the buyer.

2. Scope

Buying and selling of products marketed by ABITARE via computer network or over the phone by a customer , consumer, not operating within their profession and / or activity , is governed by the following Terms and Conditions that are an essential part of the contract.

The information contained in these Terms and Conditions must be read and accepted before sending the purchase order and what the purpose of fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Articles . 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. N . 185/99 .

We invite you to read them carefully and print and / or save them in another durable medium of your choice .

The conditions applicable to each individual order will be those shown on the website www.abitare.com at the time of the order. Any new terms will be effective upon publication on the website and will apply only to sales made thereafter .

3. Orders

Purchasing products through ABITARE accepted that the notification and communications regarding all orders are carried out by ABITARE in electronic format and . mail address ( e-mail) and I acknowledge the validity for the reconstruction of the relationships in place .

All orders sent via this site must be completed in full and must contain the elements necessary for accurate identification of the person making the order ( customer ) , the products ordered and the place where the delivery will take place . Even over the phone orders will have to be provided and / or confirmed all the elements needed to identify the person making the order and the products and the delivery location .

Legal persons may make orders exclusively through this website.

the purchase order submitted by you to ABITARE through our website or by phone counts as irrevocable offer to contract. Once transmitted to the system , orders can not be modified or blocked , so it is your responsibility to ensure their accuracy before you confirm it.

The order confirmation by ABITARE You will be forwarded to the email address specified by you at registration within three business days after posting of your order , and this report confirms the data of order and will be deemed acceptance of the contract proposal . The contract is concluded when the order confirmation will be sent .

In the case of telephone orders , the contract is concluded , however, with the delivery of the ordered products .

ABITARE reserves the right to accept orders within the limits of available stock . In any case, ABITARE will not accept incomplete orders or not properly completed or not showing the minimum quantities required or that exceed the maximum amounts provided ;

ABITARE will not accept orders placed by customers not resident in Italy or - in the case of legal persons - who do not have their seat or permanent establishment in Italy .

ABITARE , in addition, reserves the right not to accept orders that come from customers who previously have not paid the entire amount due in respect of previous deliveries.

With ' placing an order , you are consenting to have ABITARE uses the telephone, e-mail or other automated calling systems without the intervention of an operator in connection with the conclusion and execution of the contract.

4. Registration and Password

To be able to place an order , you have to register on your site pointing to the generality , the residence , your email address, telephone number, in case of legal persons , the name and the number of VAT . You should also indicate the place where the goods are to be delivered .

It will be your responsibility to keep your personal data updated , communicating promptly any changes to the data entered .

E ' strictly prohibited to enter data false and / or invented and / or fantasy and / or related third parties . ABITARE reserves the right to prosecute any violation and any fraudulent action against him and / or others to the detriment of consumers.

No liability can be accepted at ABITARE for the issuance of false tax documents due to errors in the data provided by you at registration .

when you register on this website, you will be assigned a password , this password is strictly confidential and will not be divulged to third parties.

you will be responsible for the unlawful use of your password by unauthorized individuals , and if you suspect that someone else knows your Password Please therefore want to inform immediately ABITARE .

in the treatment of your data, ABITARE respect all the rules laid down in Legislative Decree no. n . 196/2003 ( Privacy Code ) . In this regard, we invite you to read the Privacy Policy attentemente contained on this website.

5. Produce

images of products and consumption patterns on the site ABITARE are purely illustrative and are not binding.

ABITARE reserves the right to vary the packaging and labeling of products. The products are not supplied on a trial, therefore you will be responsible for the choice of the products ordered and their responsiveness to your needs.

6. Prices

The prices of products are those specifically indicated for each type of product on this website at the time of order. The same will be clearly indicated in the summary of your order.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping charges will be clearly indicated in the Order Summary only voice you have to confirm before sending.

ABITARE reserves the right to change every time its prices and shipping charges, releasing the new amounts on its website: these changes will take effect only for orders after their publication.

ABITARE reserves the right to cancel an order in the case of obvious error in the system or in the data.

7. Timing and mode of delivery

ABITARE will make you deliver the goods by courier to trust the manufacturer of the goods to the address you indicated when you registered and confirmed at the time of order.

Deliveries are made exclusively in Italy.

delivery times may vary depending on location and volume of the goods; to know the precise timing please contact an operator.

ABITARE will do everything possible to ensure deliveries within the time specified above, however ABITARE will not be responsible for delay or failure to deliver chargeable to service delivery or might be caused by circumstances beyond its control.

In the event of unavailability of the product ordered , ABITARE I will promptly inform the email address or phone number shown at the time of registration , as the refund of already paid.

8. Lack of customer

In case you are absent at the time of delivery at the place specified, after the second delivery attempt, you will be required to pay to the carrier making the delivery expenses for the return of any or for the storage of goods at the warehouses of the same.

9. Warranty and complaint of Vices

Upon delivery , it is your responsibility to check the quantity and condition of the merchandise . In case of any discrepancy or if there are any defects in Products received , you must notify the carrier immediately and file claim with the delivery document . In addition , within 3 days of delivery you must inform in writing ABITARE if it finds that the defects complained, replace the goods otherwise comply with the order , with delivery costs to its loading . Any replacement will only be possible upon return of the shipping document attached to the supply . At the time of the discharge of showers or mirrors, the products must be carefully checked : even if the packaging is just dirty or scratched should be noted in the appropriate space provided on the delivery slip . In the event that the customer HAS NOT REPORTED any defects or breakages to the courier , you can not proceed with the replacement of the product.

This warranty does not work if the faults found are due to improper storage after the time of delivery .

For the products sold, the warranty and service are those offered by the parent company in accordance with the provisions of Directive 99/44/EC .

10. Methods of payment

You can make the payment for products ordered through:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

11. Promotions

promotions offered by ABITARE on the site are valid until stocks run out and purchase limits listed on the site.

No replacement or return is possible in connection with any product received for free.

12. Right of withdrawal

If you are not satisfied with your purchase , if you are a person who buys for purposes unrelated to his economic activity and employment , you have the right to cancel the contract and return the products ordered, without any penalty and without specifying the reason as well as art. 5 of Legislative Decree no . N . 185/99 .

This rule provides that the right of withdrawal is exercised subject to revocation by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to ABITARE by the deadline of 14 working days from the day you received the products . The notice may be sent, within the same period, by facsimile or email , provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following 48 hours.

This communication must indicate your intention expressed to terminate the contract and an indication of the order of reference and Products for which it intends to exercise the withdrawal.

Also within the same ten days you will be required to return at your expense items that do not intend to purchase, in their original packaging and in good condition , sending them directly to the manufacturer of the goods that you will be notified by ABITARE . To this end, will be the date of acceptance of the post office or the shipper .

The costs and risks of transport for the return are entirely at your expense , I suggest , therefore , to ensure the products during ship with the carrier chosen .

in the event that the returned product has been damaged during shipping , we will advise you of ' happened during the working day following receipt , so you can file a complaint against courier picked for shipment.
in this case , the product will be returned to you at your expense and at the same time the withdrawal request will be canceled.
Upon arrival at the warehouse of the manufacturer, all returned products will be carefully examined in order to check for any damages not caused by transport. If the package and / or original packaging are damaged , ABITARE withhold from the refund due to the contribution requested of the cost of recovery from the manufacturer of the goods.

The right of withdrawal is lost :

  • If it is determined the partial use of the product
  • If it is ascertained the lack of integral elements of the product (accessories , manuals , etc. . ....)
  • In the event of partial or total damage to the product or parts of it
  • In case of absence or corruption of ' original packaging .
  • In either of the above conditions , the product will be returned to the debiting shipping.

the right of withdrawal shall not apply in the case of supply of goods produced or packaged on specifications or clearly personalized (eg taps specially made in non-standard colors or shower special measures ) or which, by their nature , can not be returned .

If the withdrawal and the return of the goods will be made according to the above procedures , ABITARE will refund what you have paid in relation to the order rescinded within 14 days of receipt of returned merchandise .

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Contracts entered into through this website are governed by Italian law .

Although not expressly provided, apply the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 22 May 1999 . And 185 of Legislative Decree no . 9 April 2003 no . As well as 70 of the Civil Code and any other law applicable to the circumstances provided for in the contract.

jurisdiction is the court of Cuneo.

For any disputes falling within the scope of the D . Decree no. 185/99 , the competent court of the place of residence of the customer-consumer , provided located in Italy .

July 2011

According to art . 1341, 1469a and 1342 Civil Code, the Customer declares to have read and accept the clauses specified in the following items:

  1. orders
  2. registration and password
  3. products
  4. timing and mode of delivery
  5. absence of the client
  6. warranty and defect report
  7. payment method
  8. withdrawal
  9. law and Jurisdiction


All products sold by ABITARE.COM are covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty and warranty of 24 months ( from the date of invoice) for defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2 February 2002.

The manufacturer's standard warranty is provided in the manner described in the documentation included in the packaging of the product.

The guarantee of 24 months under the Decree 24/ 02 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and as provided in the technical documentation .

to qualify for the warranty, the customer must keep the invoice , you will receive by e- mail in electronic format .

the 24 month warranty is for private consumption (a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional , or making a purchase without indicating in the order form a reference to VAT ) .

For those who purchase with a VAT are subject to the statutory warranties referred to in art . 1490 and following of the Civil Code ( one year after delivery of the product) .

In case of lack of conformity ABITARE.IT provides, at no cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement or reduction of the price , until the termination of the contract.

If , following intervention by ABITARE.IT . the claimed defect is not covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty , but due to tampering or damage procured by the customer installation or improper use of the property, the same will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery , as well as shipping costs if incurred by ABITARE.IT .

the timing of replacement or repair of any product depends solely on the policies of the manufacturer .

in the event that , for any reason ABITARE.IT was not able to make its customers a product warranty (repaired or replaced) , ABITARE.IT will proceed at its own discretion to refund the amount paid .

No damage may be required to ABITARE.IT for any delays in repairs or replacements.

in cases where the application of safeguards providing for the return of the product, the product must be returned by customer ( at its expense ) in the original packaging , complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment )