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Idral built-in timed shower mixer 202x162 mm in chromed brass

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Idral built-in timed shower mixer 202x162 mm in chromed brass 

Modernity and class

On we offer you our mixers. With their shapes and lines they give a sense of harmony and lightness. We have many types, from the most elegant to the more traditional ones. To ensure good functioning, they are made with high quality materials. Make your home unique with Idral mixers.


The modern Idral mixer integrates innovative technology to offer the maximum in terms of washing efficiency and practicality.

Technical characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Idral SPA
  • Type: timed shower mixer
  • Brass body
  • Chrome ABS rosette
  • Button control
  • Check valves and filters
  • Flow rate: 8 l/min (with limiter)
  • Feed pressure: min 1 - max 6 bar
  • Recommended pressure: 2 - 4 bar
  • Power supply temperature: 5 - 65 °C
  • Dispensing time: 15 s (3 bar): tolerance d 5 s. possibility of reduction (-40%)
  • Measurements: L 202 x H 162 mm
  • Built-in body included

Idral SPA

Since 1970 Idral has been developing and producing taps, sanitary fixtures and accessories for public environments: over the years Idral has collected and increased the legacy of the past and has specialized in highly technical, resistant, safe, accessible, hygienic and respectful products of the environment. The history of Idral today begins here: taking advantage of the experience of the past and all the craftsmanship and manufacturing skills gathered over the years, a company was born that looks to the future through technology, innovation and energy saving.


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