Floor-standing pedal mixer in chromed brass - Idral - Abitare

Floor-standing pedal mixer in chromed brass - Idral

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Floor-standing pedal mixer in chromed brass - Idral 

Features at your fingertips

Are you looking for a mixer? We have the right solution for you! On Abitare.com we have a functional and versatile collection of refined taps and mixers with a contemporary style. If you love design in the bathroom, value the excellent quality of our taps. Their style transforms even a small room into a comfortable and modern place. Choose the Idral mixer and you will be fully satisfied!


Let yourself be surprised by our mixers! The Idral mixer, made of brass, is an excellent quality product, which is functional and practical.

Technical characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Idral SPA
  • Type: two-pedal mixer
  • Installation: on the floor
  • Pedal body in chromed brass
  • Brass levers with rubber pedal covers
  • Fixing kit
  • Feed pressure: min 0.5 - max 8 bar
  • Feeding temperature: 5 - 70 °C 

Idral SPA

Since 1970 Idral has been developing and producing taps, sanitary fixtures and accessories for public environments: over the years Idral has collected and increased the legacy of the past and has specialized in highly technical, resistant, safe, accessible, hygienic and respectful products of the environment. The history of Idral today begins here: taking advantage of the experience of the past and all the craftsmanship and manufacturing skills gathered over the years, a company was born that looks to the future through technology, innovation and energy saving.


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