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River pedal mixer with wall fixing 295 mm in chromed brass

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River pedal mixer with wall fixing 295 mm in chromed brass 

Convenience with the River mixer

For public places or food industries, the River mixer is an excellent solution. You can find all the models on Abitare.com and choose the one that best suits your needs. All models are equipped with stainless steel filters at the inlets to protect the cartridge from foreign bodies in the system. By pressing the two pedals simultaneously you obtain a good mix. A great quality of this mixer? The ability to always maintain an excellent level of cleanliness.


Let yourself be surprised by our mixers! The River mixer, made of brass, is an excellent quality product, which is functional and practical.

Mixer description

  • Wall installation
  • With two pedals for wall mounting
  • One pedal for cold water only and one for hot water only
  • It can also work with instant gas boiler
  • The cartridges are entirely made of brass
  • With anti-water hammer device
  • They can be easily removed for servicing without removing the pedal from the floor and without dismantling the hoses
  • Stainless steel filters are included
  • G 1 / 2 “connections
  • 100% made in Italy product

River SPA

River SPA began the production of industrial thermostatic mixers for sanitary systems in 1980. With its own patents, it increasingly expands its product range and specializes in the production of taps for public places, for the disabled and for large kitchens. River SPA in Italy is present in all regions with its own commercial network that distributes products exclusively to plumbing material wholesalers. Abroad, with exclusive agents and distributors, it currently sells in 42 countries. The River SPA quality system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Since 2012, River SPA has been associated with the Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) which promotes the LEED certification system. The LEED standard, recognized internationally, establishes the design and construction criteria so that buildings are healthy, energy efficient and have a low environmental impact.

Technical characteristics

  • Manufacturer: River SPA
  • Type: Mixer
  • Material: Brass 
  • Finish: chrome 
  • Width: 295 mm


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