Floor-standing bathroom cabinet 50 cm oak with mirror and sink - Abitare

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet 50 cm oak with mirror and sink

Codice FO305210C.
Mobile bagno 3 cassetti a terra 80 cm Rovere chiaro con specchio

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet 50 cm oak with mirror and sink

High quality

When you have to choose furniture for your bathroom, the most sought after element is quality, as our furniture must be made with quality, robust and resistant materials, in order to guarantee long life and functionality and efficiency.

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet equipped with 2 doors, metal hinges, lacquered aluminum handles, matt black color and 12 cm lacquered aluminum feet, matt black color. Supports for fixing to the wall are included.

Technical characteristics

  • Furniture dimensions: W 50 x D 40 x H 80 cm
  • Mirror dimensions: L 50 x D 1.8 x H 68 cm
  • Sink dimensions: L 50 x D 40 x H 18 cm
  • Maximum weight supported drawer 3 Kg.
  • Maximum supported weight of furniture 20 Kg. (sink not included)
  • Pieces: 15 mm thick melamine panel. Classification according to content or release of formaldehyde TYPE E1
  • Edges: 1.2 mm thick P.V.C and melamine
  • Drawer: Lacquered medium density fibreboard. Side thickness 12mm and depth 3mm. (MDF/DM).

Taps, siphon and waste not included


1) Universal LED lamp in ABS, to be mounted on flush mirrors and on panels.

It gives the light necessary to look at yourself in the mirror without difficulty

Rating: IP 44

Power: 4.5 W


Width: 30 cm

Depth: 5 cm

Height: 11 cm

2) Suspended wooden bathroom column, with one door and 3 internal shelves and 4 exposed shelves (FO305471C)


Width: 51 cm

Depth: 25 cm

Height: 135 cm

3) Double column: two columns with 2 doors (FO305460C)


Measurements: L 30 x D 25.5x H 140 cm


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