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The 2019 air conditioner bonus is a benefit for citizens when they proceed with the purchase of a heat pump air conditioner: that is, it is worth both heating and cooling.   The deduction [...]
Solar thermal panels allow you to take advantage of the sun's energy. The Sun represents an alternative source that must absolutely be favored in the future of energy. It is inexhaustible, at[...]
The safety shoe defines the type of shoe designed to protect the foot during work. Currently, footwear to be considered as accident prevention must be marked with the "EC" Community sy[...]
VELUX has become synonymous with quality windows and on Abitare you can find the best one for you choosing from a wide range. If you want to replace your old window on the roof of your hom[...]
The powerful, compact and versatile PowerClear ™ spreader cleans the fillings of pipes, showers and sinks with a diameter between 3/4 "(20 mm) and 1 1/2" (40 mm) effortless[...]
It is not easy to decide which air conditioner to buy and in these few words I will try to give you some clear points that will allow you the right choice for which air conditioner to buy. Purpo[...]
One of the most recurrent images of winter is a cozy room, a sofa for two, a cup of chocolate and a fireplace. Have you ever noticed it? In fact, with the cold the mind elaborates as safe and wel[...]
We have said it often: every piece of furniture now becomes an expression of those who live in the house. Each choice, as well as functional, responds, in part often the same, to the aesth[...]
Do you know that room in the house that just doesn't want to know how to warm up? Today the solution is and is called INDIVIDUAL RADIATOR IN METHAN ROBUR. What does "individual"[...]
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you set yourself on the choice of some details that are insignificant to most human eyes? Because most of the time it is not a question of details but of elem[...]
Restructuring and furnishing a home can be tiring in the long run. We always start with enormous enthusiasm and a thousand ideas but then, a little bit of the time that is missing, a bit of a bud[...]
Technology is part of our everyday life. Telephones to always be traceable, wi fi and internet to keep up to date, mini electric appliances to reduce kitchen preparations. But do you know [...]
We present the Gen-X bathtub, ideal for the elderly and the disabled, specially designed and designed for these needs; so that even those with mobility problems may feel safer and less dep[...]
AQUABLADE is an Ideal Standard drain system that improves the appearance of the toilet, while ensuring impeccable cleanliness. AQUABLADE replaces the inner edge (rim) of the vessel with[...]
Is your old shower rod giving you up? The "AUCTION CROMETTA" is for you: 2 types of jet - Rain and Intense Rain; anti-scale function on the shower wall thanks to soft silicone nozzles[...]
Abitare offers you a wide range of condensing boilers from the best brands ... Ariston, Vaillant, Immergas ... Get Them![...]
Do you need to heat or furnish your home? .. design and hi-tech products, fireplaces and hearth inserts of the best brands: Palazzetti, Edilkamin, Italiana Camini. Possibility to take advantage [...]
On Abitare you can find numerous pellet or wood-burning stoves, of the most prestigious brands: Palazzetti, Edilkamin, Ambiente Calore, Italiana Camini. high quality in fashion colors for the bes[...]
It 'available across the model range of Ariston: Genus Premium Condensing Boilers evo from 24-30-35 FF and Clas premium Ages 24 and FF 30 FF Conventional boilers Genus ages 24-30 from CF, 24[...]
Prices and offers for Robur Calorio of different models depending on your needs. Explore our products section to compare prices and features of our radiators individual Robur.[...]
Prices on offer for the combustion stoves forced the Italkero. See all of our products online and choose the best price combined with a high quality product for your home.[...]
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