Double flush toilet cistern - Topazio - Abitare

Double flush toilet cistern - Topazio

Codice OL0416201.
Cassetta wc con doppio scarico Topazio OL0416201
Cassetta wc con doppio scarico Topazio OL0416201
Cassetta wc con doppio scarico Topazio OL0416201

Double flush toilet cistern - Topazio 

Everything for your needs

What's the best way to complete your bathroom? With a perfect cistern to cleverly connect to your toilet! These waste cisterns are the perfect solution for those who decide to renovate the bathroom by replacing the sanitary ware without demolishing the entire room at the brickwork level. In fact, they have multiple advantages such as their cleaning and above all maintenance as they are very easy to inspect in case of defects. In addition, they are easily replaceable and have more modest and affordable prices than built-in ones.

Aesthetics and more

The Topazio cistern manages to best combine aesthetics and efficiency and is capable of dispensing 7/6 litres. Connection to the water mains can be made in 3 positions. The double flush cistern is characterized by great simplicity of assembly and very silent operating mechanisms. Revolutionize your bathroom!

Technical features:

  • Type: Installation accessory
  • Installation: Wall mounted
  • Material: Plastic
  • White color
  • Model: OL0416201
  • Exhaust: Double exhaust 6/3 litres
  • Water mains connection: 3 positions
  • Tap: Jolly float, acoustic class 1 NF
  • Operation: Double button
  • Supplied:
  • Fastening material
  • Rinse hose


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