Wall-hung washbasin 60x48.5 cm in glossy white - Rak Ceramics Karla - Abitare

Wall-hung washbasin 60x48.5 cm in glossy white ceramic - Rak Ceramics Karla

Codice KAWB00004.

Wall-hung washbasin 60x48.5 cm in glossy white ceramic - Rak Ceramics Karla 

Functionality in your bathroom

The sink is an accessory of primary importance. The correct choice of a sink can only give brightness and elegance to your bathroom! We have a large variety of them, which differ in style, shape and size. All you have to do is visit our website Abitare.com and you will find the right sink for your bathroom. Choose Rak Ceramics washbasins: they will exceed your expectations!


With the simple and refined Karla sink, you will transform your bathroom! With its shapes and style it will convey harmony and elegance. This is a modern wall-mounted washbasin made of ceramic. The high quality of its material guarantees its long life over time. It has an oval shape and adapts easily to any type of furniture. Its color is shiny white.

Rak Ceramics

Rak Ceramics is a company that focuses on introducing innovative hi-tech solutions in the sector. A vast range of technologies are used in the company's cutting-edge plants. The company has also won several Stevie® Awards, annual international awards for companies, in 2015, with a silver award for “brand of the year” at the prestigious World Branding Awards.

Technical characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Rak Ceramics
  • Type: Washbasins
  • Material: Washbasin made of porcelain
  • Measurements: L 60 x D 48.5 x H 19.5 cm
  • Finish: glossy white


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